Hoppediz Elastic Slings

Hoppediz offers elastic slings GOTS* in many colours and two different lengths.

It is recommended to use the elastic slings only for the front carrying variant “tummy to tummy”. The detailed and illustrated tying instructions being supplied with each sling show step by step how to tie the elastic sling.

Special features of the elastic sling:

  • You can use it from the first day of life of your baby.
  • The soft grip and comfortable elasticity allow it to be tied very simply and without complications, making it the most suitable for beginners.
  • They feel just like a second skin and will hardly be felt. This is particularly comfortable in case of shoulder and back pain.
  •  In addition to the elasticity and the softness resulting from this, it offers the necessary limitation of movement and support for your baby without being constrictive.
  • The narrower cloth (approx. 50 cm) and the properties of the cloth have the advantage that there is not as much material surrounding your newborn or premature baby.
  • Two labels mark the centre of the sling. This makes it much easier for you to find the centre when tying.
  • The ergonomic spread-squat position can easily be tied even with the youngest ones.
  • The carrying variations that we recommend can easily be pre-tied without your baby.
  • Recommended carrying types in elastic wrap have at least three cloth lengths that support your baby due to the elasticity of the material.
  • The premature baby sling is very soft and comfortable to wear, gives you a high degree of carrying comfort and adequate support, thanks to the specially selected interlock. The transversely elastic weaving adjusts perfectly, and only yields minimally lengthwise. The elastic baby sling, therefore, supports your baby perfectly.

Hoppediz recommends using the elastic sling up to a weight of approx. 9 kg. Beyond this weight, they recommend the diagonally elastic-woven baby sling by HOPPEDIZ® or other carrying aids. These are more stable during longer carrying periods and enable more carrying variations.

Please consult your child's doctor and/or care personnel before you carry a premature baby in a baby sling. Only carry premature babies who have regular breathing and a stable pulse.

100% cotton,
tested for harmful substances

washable up to 60°C

4.60 x 0.50 m and 5.40 m x 0.50 m

*GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) is highly demanding. It has been developed by the Internationaler Verband der Naturtexttilwirtschaft (IVN) [Germany] and the Soils Association (SA) [England], the Organic Trade Association (OTA) [USA], and the Japan Organic Cotton Association (JOCA) [Japan]. The quality criteria of the seal correspond to the mark IVN certified natural textiles. That means we renounce the use of toxic chemicals throughout the whole production chain during fibre processing, finishing of textiles, and manufacture of products made of natural fibres (e.g. cotton, linen, silk). In all steps of the manufacturing chain it is guaranteed that ecological and traditional fibres will not be mixed and ecological fibres will not be contaminated. Dyestuffs and expedients are selected in which their toxic and ecological effects are tested and which are classified as safe. Bleaching remains an exception, and in case it cannot be avoided bleaching is not done with chlorinated chemicals but rather oxygen. Improvements are made in the first place by mechanical, thermal, and physical means and not by chemicals. GOTS aims at defining a controlled standard for textiles, which evaluates the total life cycle of the product using ecological criteria and those of social responsibility.