Care for wraps


DIDYMOS Baby Wraps and Slings are manufactured without any textile glaze or other chemical ingredients. Didymos only uses organic cotton (cultivated in accordance with strict organic standards) and ecologically sound, absolutely metal free, skin friendly dyes. There is no need to wash your wrap or sling before using it unless you want the wrap fabric to be softer right from the start


Natural, untreated cotton shrinks a bit during the first wash. Therefore, your new DIDYMOS has additional fabric length to guarantee that your wrap or sling has the correct length after washing.

Washing Temperature

Unless differently specified, all DIDYMOS cotton Baby Wraps and Slings can be washed at 60°C/140°F on a delicates programme). For blended fabrics made from other natural fibres follow the care instructions specified below.

Laundry Detergents

Use little, preferably liquid detergent that is suited and recommended for the fabric in question (make sure that the detergent is WITHOUT optical brighteners, bleaching or softening agents. Detergent residue or mineral accumulations reduce the elasticity of the fabric. Therefore it is recommended to use water softener if your water is hard. 

Hint: Pour some vinegar into the softener compartment of the washing machine for the last rinse. This helps to avoid such accumulations and reduces the typical smell of detergent. Your laundry won’t smell like anything not even like vinegar.
One more tip: Do not over-load your washing machine but leave enough room for wash and rinse water. This is important for all textiles.


Do spin-dry your DIDYMOS Wrap or Sling at low speed. Wraps made of wool, alpaca, silk or cashmere blends must NOT be spin-dried.


Make sure not to dry your DIDYMOS Wrap or Sling at high temperatures – preferably use the delicates setting of the tumbler. Wraps made from wool, cashmere or silk must NOT be dried in the tumbler.


We recommend to iron your DIDYMOS Wrap or Sling after the wash, this is especially true for fabric blends with linen or hemp. Ironing is advisable for all wraps, be they made from cotton or cotton blends, as it helps to prevent folds from forming always in the same places which might affect the durability of the fabric.

Special Care for Wraps made of:

Colour-grown Cotton

Wraps made from colour-grown cotton initially are pale but darken and get their final colour with the first washes.

Linen or Hemp

Baby Wraps or Slings made of linen or hemp are a little stiff coming off the weaving frame, however, they soften quickly when being used. You can speed up the process by pulling your DIDYMOS Wrap or Sling through warm water and letting it air-dry before using it for the first time. Undyed DIDYMOS linen or hemp Wraps or Slings can be washed at temperatures of up to 90°C/190°F (hot). This may, however, cause the fabric to lighten and fade. It is IMPORTANT to wash your DIDYMOS linen or hemp Wrap or Sling with liquid detergent ONLY!

Virgin Wool

Wraps or Slings made from wool blends require particular attention in care and wash. This means: washing at 30°C, no spin drying, no tumble drying. Wool felts easily if not treated with care!


Cashmere Wraps, too, need very special attention in care. ONLY use detergent which is suited for wool, WITHOUT optical brighteners or bleachers, or use hair shampoo as a replacement. They recommend gentle warm hand wash and abundant rinsing. Wraps and Slings made from Cashmere blends are much more sensitive to mechanical friction than pure cotton fabrics. Keep hard and sharp objects away from the wraps and do not apply pressure on single spots of the fabric in order not to damage the wrap.


Make sure to wash your silk blend Wraps and Slings at max. 30°C using mild and liquid detergent WITHOUT optical brighteners or bleaching agents. Spin-dry at gentle and low cycle. Do NOT tumble-dry. Damp silk fabrics are sensitive to light and should not be dried directly in the sun. For ironing select “silk” setting, without steam. Perfume and deodorants may cause stains.