Soul Prism Handwoven wraps are beautiful rainbow wraps! They are 100% handwoven cotton in twill weave, and of medium weight.

A woven wrap is a long rectangular length of fabric that is wrapped around the baby and the caregiver. Parents have been using sturdy pieces of cloth to wear their children for centuries, and have long known the importance of skin-to-skin contact. Wearing your baby in woven wrap provides close and meaningful contact with the caregiver. It is the most versatile carrier that lets you wear your baby in infinite ways, as long as you stay safe! It provides complete support for you and your baby, and lets you bond with them anywhere at anytime! 

They are entirely handwoven by experienced artisan weavers of India. They are woven in government run co-operative societies committed to fair-trade and ethical production. They are designed and finished in our own studio here in Bangalore, India. We are proud to release 100% made-in-India wraps. Each prism wrap has a unique rainbow colourway with rich, deep and understated shades of multiple colours. They come in elegant stripes, which are timeless beauties! This classic design never goes out of fashion. 

Soul Prism handwovens are made to be worn and loved by everybody too. They are medium weight wraps, which makes them work for most age groups. They are also very easy to maintain and are sturdy, as they are 100% cotton. Just like our slings, our wraps are also light, airy but supportive. Prism handwovens will get softer with each wash and only get better with use.



Soul prism handwovens are currently available in two sizes:

Size 6 – Approximately 4.9 meters/ 196 inches long and 30 inches wide. 

Size 3 – Approximately 3.4 meters/ 134 inches long and 30 inches wide. 

*All the sizes mentioned are before washing. Please note that the wraps are generously sized, as there will be shrinking for the first few washes. 

* As Soul wraps are handwoven there may be some irregularities in the fabric. Knots, broken/loose threads, slubs, nubs and slight thread shifting are all normal. They are not flaws and do not affect the functionality of the wrap.