Review of an ergonomic carrier




Finally after quite an amount of hours of using EF carrier I feel like I can write a review. Will I be neutral? Quite impossible as EF became our absolutely favourite carrier within few days. My girls are quite big now and there are not many occasions to carry them but with EF and its comfort even if carrying 20 kg everything changed. We’re back to babywearing and I am a very happy mommy 


Easy Feel is a small family company in India that works exclusively in fair trade way and there are no children involved in any state of production.

EF comes in three sizes: standard, toddler and preschool. Cotton used for carriers is coloured and woven by hand with a particulate technique called ikat.


Here are the main properties of EF carriers:

  • Waist belt and shoulder straps with thick padding for a better weight distribution
  • Solid waist belt for a better weight distribution
  • Panel is very ‘wrappy’ and comfortable
  • Big and very useful and practical headrest
  • Small pocket on a waist belt
  • PFA (perfect fit adjusters)
  • Deep seat for comfort and ergonomic position of a child
  • Thick paddings under childs knees for even more comfort
  •  ASTM  certificate (tests of material quality, production quality, non-toxic coloration and weight resistance)

Let’s see EF properties in details:


    Shoulder straps are quite wide and thick for a better weight distribution, but short enough to make them suitable also for short and skinny wearers. There is a strap to unite the shoulder belts and keep them safe on your shoulders. The width of shoulder straps will distribute the weight and the thickness will amortise it but even if they are large and thick they are absolutely not uncomfortable or disturbing. With the use of carrier they will become a bit softer but will not lose the quality and positive effect. Shoulder straps can be adjusted by PFA and from a classic adjuster on the bottom of a shoulder strap. PFA regulations are quite long so you have space to put the padding right where you need it and will fit to pretty much every body size. Shoulder belts cannot be unfastened or crossed on the back. Honestly, considering the way this carrier is made I don’t think crossing them would be a good solution anyway.



Waist belt is solid and divided into three parts (not separated) which makes it very comfortable. EF waist belt has a big role in distribution of the weight. It offers a very ‘strong’ discharge of a child’s weight from your shoulders and your back. There is a small pocket on a waist belt, big enough to put in some money, a tissue and a key. 


 An extremely comfortable and ‘wrappy’ panel has 4 layers for a better performance (carries up to 22 kg!) and is not adjustable. I think that EF put the comfort of a baby as a priority when they were designing the panel. Deep seat that feels like sitting in the hammock (may girls say so J ) and thick padding underneath child’s knees are a perfect combination for good long naps. On the inside of the top of the panel there is an invisible pocket where you can hide the headrest if wanted.


Our experience with Easy Feel:


I have tested mostly sizes toddler and preschooler as there are no smaller children in our house (but the demo dolls).

I have 2 children: big one is 5 years old, 116 cm tall and has 20 kg. Smaller one is 3 years old, about 105 cm and 18 kg.


This is a very simple carrier. Only thing you need to do is put it on, position your child correctly inside the panel, unite the shoulder straps and create right tension. I believe its simplicity is an important part of its comfort. For sure the thing that makes this carrier so special is the distribution of the weight. For me it is the first time I can carry 20 kg on my back and keep my spine straight, with no leaning forward. The biggest test was when I decided to go to the mountains taking my 5 year old with a fever and carrying her for hours. We were both very comfortable and when I took her off I couldn’t believe it but I had absolutely NO pain. My children always confirm that they feel very comfortable inside this carrier. It is absolutely their favourite carrier which will accompany us on all our travels.


About the cons...I have to be honest, by now I have none. In the beginning I would want more regulations but I don’t think that way anymore. As I already said – I strongly believe that that more regulations would make it lose some points on its incredible comfort.


To conclude – it sure des justify its name. I’m sure you’ll feel the difference


 EASY  FEEL   Feel the difference.