The upper side of the shoes is natural, soft but resistant, made of high-quality nappa leather. Because of the excellent breathing character of the leather, the child's feet do not sweat into the shoe.




The sole has three layers: Between the non-slip suede soles and the inner leather lining, a layer of 3mm elastic foam provides insulation and reduces the pressure on the joints, while running on hard ground.




The shoes are easy to get on, by using the flexible ankle band, which stays fixed.



We supplied the toe of the shoe, providing enough space for the free movement of toes, and helping a free feet development

"I recommend Liliputi shoes, as a perfect alternate of being barefoot”

Dr. Zsuzsanna Lengyel
Children Orthopedic Chief Medical Director



A significant part of the experts nowadays, suggest that the child be barefoot as much as possible, as this ensures the cartilage and muscles of the baby’s feet to develop properly.


However is not always possible to be barefoot!


The Liliputi shoes are soft-soled, as if the child is barefoot, still protecting him from mechanical damage, and also from the unpleasantness of cold (or hot) surfaces.


In the Liliputi soft-soled leather shoes, children learn to walk so that :

  • Every little part of the sole is activated in the process of walking, which strengthens the foot muscles, thus preventing the most common orthopedic foot problems, like flat feet
  • They feel the uneven ground with their sole, which greatly contributes to the development of their balance and coordination.
  • The foot reflex zones are stimulated during walking, which has a positive impact on the entire body.

Safety first

Our shoes are made of first-class raw materials, which derive one to one from the European Union, as well as the shoes themselves. We comply with all EU standards at the highest level, and where are possibilities we overfulfil, improving both the yields and the environment protection.



One of the most important aspect for us, is the unique quality of our products. The leathers we use are soft and also durable. In the process of making of we take into consideration the highest quality standards. As a result, the Lilliputi shoes will certainly be able to serve the little brother, too...


Enviroment responsibility

The Liliputi shoes are packed in boxes made of recycled paper, and at shipping we also use exclusively recycled packaging materials. During the manufacturing and material purchasing processes, we take great consideration on the importance of protecting the environment. In case of a need, we mend during the warranty instead of replacement. With this, we feel and take total responsibility for assuring a livable environment, for the future generations...



"This is the first footwear that my daughter does not want to get off.
Apparently, is really comfortable for her, she walks courageously and confident in them, differently to other, previous shoes.”


Lots of feedback we receive from parents, sharing information about how much more confident and stable is the walk of their children in soft-soled shoes, compared to their peers, or experiencing in other types of shoes. Many of them praised the „easy to give up” – character of our shoes, and also the fact that their kids don’t want to get them off.

Perhaps the greatest certainty for us, however, is not only the deed, that children do not want to take their shoes off, but - as dozens of reports show - they carry them to their parents, communicating without words, that they would like to get their Liliputi shoes on ...



"Since we have bought the Liliputi shoes, my little boy refuses to even take them off. Mainly at bedtime is difficult for us, finally allows himself to be persuaded, but in the mornings he comes simperingly, bringing his shoes to get them on. Really unbeliveable...”